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Our training services & personalized advice extend to optimizing your coffee and chocolate based drinks. From harvest through machines into the perfect serve. Learn understanding the entire process and optimize your revenue / workflow / menu / service / preparations…

Peter Hernou is a passionate consultant and educator.

As an independent consultant, influencer and trainer, this World Latte Art Champion & Callebaut Barista Ambassador, trainer of World and National Champions (find out more here), is traveling throughout the World to advise, teach and help with the noble art of understanding and perfecting drinks whilst optimizing your business revenue and workflow. 

Next to the above; we offer (coffee and/or chocolate) barista & latte art training from beginners to advanced levels.

In Belgium,  they are offered in collaboration with Horeca Forma. Visit their website for more information and subscribtion!

Drinks, drinks, drinks…all about R&D with coffee and / or chocolate based creations.

You would like to offer coffee and/or chocolate based drinks with juices - dairy/non dairy - decorative or alcohol based…Here's your way into understanding the expertise behind the drink!

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You know when it's delicious

Drinks do matter! 

And you can bring them easily to your public once you understand the process of creating drinks tailormade & fitted for your target group as well as your company. 

How can we be of any assist from bean to drink!

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Feel the coffee-plantation. A wonderful world to know and experience, exuberating, beautiful nature and an amazing fruit, allowing us to indulge ourselves every day again with a nice cup a coffee!

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Have a look at our awards, World-titles, Peter’s Awarded Book ‘World’s Best Coffee Book’, press articles and other achievements by clicking here

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